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The Vendor-Agnostic video management software Solution for UK Retailers: Revolutionise Your Retail Security with AI-Ready, Cost-Effective, and Cyber-Secure Surveillance Systems

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Introducing Us

Elevating Your Video Management Software Experience

CameraMate video management software, a new brand under the established Intamac umbrella, brings years of experience connecting things to the Internet. We’ve deployed global solutions for some of the largest security companies and are now revolutionising the CCTV/Surveillance market.

Video Management Software

The shift in video management software technologies and the need to connect legacy sites revealed a gap in the market. We understand that different facilities like stores, distribution centres, and corporate offices have unique requirements. Being locked into one vendor simply doesn’t meet these diverse needs. That’s why we’ve created a vendor-agnostic, third-party solution that addresses multiple challenges:

Future-Proofed Foundations:

Build a solid roadmap for the future, enabling global visibility from a single screen, regardless of the manufacturer.

Enhanced Analytics:

Centralise your data for smarter decision-making.

Cloud Storage:

Store all your data off-site for advanced AI analysis.

Centralised Management:

Shift from a reactive to a proactive model, enabling first-time fixes and reducing downtime.


Years Experience

video management software

What we offer

CameraMate Video Management Software Benefits

We made it our priority to create a vendor-agnostic third-party video management software solution that helps in many ways.

Future-Proof Foundations:

Establish a robust foundation for your surveillance strategy, offering local and global oversight from a unified dashboard, regardless of the manufacturer.

Enhanced Estate Analytics:

Centralised data analysis is essential. With CameraMate, you can make sense of your surveillance data in one place.

Cloud Storage:

Utilise secure, off-site cloud storage for your data, enriched with advanced AI analytics.

Centralised Management:

Transition from a reactive to a proactive approach. Receive real-time alerts and equip your engineers for first-time fixes.

Connecting Legacy Sites:

Revitalise your old surveillance sites by connecting them to our modern platform, unlocking previously inaccessible data and insights.

Multi-Vendor Management:

Our vendor-agnostic approach was a cornerstone from day one. Manage diverse surveillance needs from a single screen, regardless of the manufacturer.


Cost Savings


Centralised Management


Enhanced Analytics

Cloud Storage

Multi-Site Compatibility

Why Choose Us

Revolutionising Video Management Software for the Modern Retailer

CameraMate is your strategic partner for a smarter, cost-effective, and future-proof surveillance strategy. Seamlessly integrate with any vendor, manage your entire estate from a single dashboard, and leverage state-of-the-art technology for enhanced analytics and secure cloud storage. Ideal for multi-site retail operations, we offer the flexibility and adaptability you need to stay ahead.

How IT WorkS

CameraMate Video Management Software: How It Works

Unveil the seamless process behind CameraMate’s revolutionary approach to centralised surveillance management.

Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Global Questions

CameraMate is not a traditional CCTV provider. We offer a vendor-agnostic, third-party solution that integrates with your existing surveillance systems. Our platform centralises all your surveillance feeds into one cloud-based dashboard, allowing for enhanced analytics, future-proofing, and cost savings.

Absolutely. One of CameraMate's key features is its ability to bring old legacy sites into the modern age. We connect these sites to the internet, allowing them to be managed, monitored, and maintained from a single location alongside your newer systems.

CameraMate's platform centralises all your surveillance data, enabling you to perform advanced analytics. This gives you actionable insights into your retail environment, from customer behaviour to security vulnerabilities, helping you make data-driven decisions for your business.

CameraMate's platform is designed to reduce various operational costs. Our centralised management system allows for proactive maintenance, reducing the need for reactive site visits. This results in fewer wasted hours on the road, less fuel consumption, and most importantly, reduced downtime. Our solution is tailored to give you the best return on your investment.

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CameraMate gateways are a vital addition that we intend to offer with all NVR installations going forward. The combined solution not only reduces unnecessary site visity but improves CCTV system availability resulting in a far more robust security solution for our customers

Philip Popham Managing Director & Founder, SecureIT UK LTD

About Intamac

Intamac is a pioneering force in the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape, offering a cloud-based platform to connect and manage existing and new products seamlessly.

Established in 2001, Intamac has been at the forefront of IoT technology, partnering with leading global brands to enhance customer experiences and develop connected products. Our modular and flexible platform allows businesses to scale their intelligent solutions and build bespoke applications.

Intamac strongly emphasises data analytics, providing real-time insights to optimise business models and refine customer experiences.With a proven track record of over 20 years, Intamac has successfully launched 15 commercial deployments and connected over 500,000 “things.”

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